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Cotton velour printed kitchen towel

Short Description:

This printed kitchen towel is velour printed on the front side and white terry on the back side.This printing on the front side is pigment printing , the color and design are very nice. Usually, the composition is 100% cotton, the size is 38x63cm or 40x60cm , and the weight is 250gsm.

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Single piece velour printed kitchen towel:

This printed kitchen towel is velour printed on the front side and white terry on the back side.

This printing on the front side is pigment printing , the color and design are very nice.

The composition of this printed kitchen towel is 100% cotton, and it is single piece usually.

The size of this printed kitchen towel is 38x63cm or 40x60cm usually , and the weight is 250gsm.





The above printed kitchen towel is in 1pc and this kitchen towel sets is 2pcs per set.

1pc is velour printed as above singe one and 1pc is terry on both sides in solid color.

And this solid color is matching with one of the printing colors on printed towel.

The size of this kitchen towel sets is 38x63cm  or 40x60cm for both, and the weight is same of both with 250gsm.

The composition of this kitchen towel 2pcs sets is 100% cotton .


This fringe border kitchen towel  is made of 100% cotton yarn, and it's named by this cute fringe border.

The front side is velour pigment printing, the back side is terry in white color.

The size of this fringe border kitchen towel  is 38x63cm   or 40x60cm usually.

The weight is about 300gsm, and there are nice fringe of the shorter borders.


This satin border kitchen towel is with nice satin border.

And the color of the satin border is matching with the color of the body.

The front side of this satin border kitchen towel  is velour pigment printing,  and the back side is white terry.

The size of this satin border kitchen towel is 38x63cm, the weight is 330gsm.

For all the above printed kitchen towels, you can do your design with different printing.

And the common size is 38x63cm or 40x60cm, the common weight is 250gsm-400gsm.


We often use these printed kitchen towel s for kitchen, to do some cleaning work, or to use them se the background on the table or desk to prevent the dust. Also, we can  put it on the table when we have the meal to prevent the leftover.

These printed kitchen towel,kitchen towel sets, fringe border kitchen towel and satin border kitchen towel are very popular  in Europe and

South America for kitchen.

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