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Master the operation method of cleaning blankets and adding quilt cover, the effect should not be too good

This is not going to be close to autumn and winter. We need to clean all kinds of large items in the home, such as blankets, plush duvet covers and other items are relatively heavy, especially difficult to clean, can not be shaken in the washing machine, nor can they be cleaned. . I believe that this kind of trouble is not only encountered by me, but many people also have this trouble. In this case, don’t worry, let’s share some tips on how to clean these large and heavy items.

1: These items are relatively heavy and can’t be carried in the washing machine. We pour some water into the big basin, add some disinfectant and a little white wine in it. The white wine has strong permeability and solubility, and the disinfectant has relatively strong Disinfection can kill bacteria in the sheets and blankets and in the blankets.

2: Also soak them in the prepared solution for 30 minutes to allow the solution to penetrate into the internal tissues of the article to achieve the effect of dissolving the dirt. At this time, do not use warm water, ordinary water is fine, because warm water Will accelerate the volatilization of alcohol.

Step on or rub it back and forth with your hands or feet. If it is particularly dirty, we can also change the water halfway and re-mix the solution to clean it again.

3: When soaking, do not soak all heavy objects together, because this is not conducive to our rubbing, so we can soak the clothes several times to wash them.

Our method is particularly suitable for washing large items, even in places that are not easy to clean by hand, due to the penetration of disinfectant and alcohol, the residual dirt on it will be dissolved into the water, so as to achieve our cleaning purpose.

This method looks tiring, but it is actually very easy. It only needs to be pulled back and forth and gently rubbed. It does not require a lot of strength, and the cleaning effect is quite good.

The clothes, sheets, quilts and blankets that have been washed in this way can not only easily remove the stubborn dirt on them, but also completely eliminate the remaining bacteria. After drying, the fluff will be fluffy and soft, making it more comfortable and safe to use, and less harmful to the body.

The above is what I shared with you. I hope it will be of some help to you. You may as well try the above methods, and you will definitely be surprised.

Post time: Sep-28-2021