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For much of the country, the temperature starts dipping as Halloween decorations come out. But even if you live in an area where chillier weather isn’t a concern, a good Halloween blanket will ward off the chill and provide a covering for your eyes that you’ll need for all those scary films you’re watching.

For those who are afraid of cold, the most worry-free thing is when winter comes. However, as the seasons change, what should come will still come. Now, wool blankets are a boon to people. Wool blanket is a blanket made of wool. It has good air permeability and can provide a relatively constant temperature when people sleep. It is considered to be a very good thermal insulation material. In addition, wool blankets have a very good effect on improving blood circulation of the skin and relieving joint pain.


Classification of wool blankets


According to the different sources of wool, wool blankets are mainly divided into three categories: leather blankets, lambskin blankets and sheared blankets.


Leather-shaped blanket is a blanket made from the whole wool skin according to its original shape minus the head, tail, limbs and other loose parts of the body, and then tanned and dyed.


Lambskin blankets are made from young sheep and have natural hair peaks. The wool is looser and feels more delicate and smooth to the touch. It is very convenient to comb.


Shearing blanket is the most common type of wool blanket, which is made of wool sheared from sheep by herdsmen. This kind of wool is fine and uniform in quality and uniform, and it is very convenient to make, without the phenomenon of different colors, and the wool fiber density is high.


How to buy wool blankets?


Generally, people are not good at distinguishing the quality of wool, and mainly judge the quality of wool blankets from the appearance. When purchasing woolen blankets, you should choose those woolen blankets with soft and elastic wool, similar overall color on the surface, evenly and tightly woven, and smooth to the touch. Another basis for judging is whether the woolen blanket is depilated. Big trouble in use.


How to maintain wool blankets?


The use time of wool blankets is relatively fixed. In daily life, there are very few places where it is used, so it is necessary to put it away well. When you use it, spread it out and shake it a few times, and the wool will regain its elasticity. At the same time, the wool blanket should be often placed in the sun to dry, which can not only sterilize, but also remove sweat and dust, and keep the wool blanket clean.


Although the wool blanket is not used for a long time in a year, its price is slightly expensive. If it is only used once, it will be damaged due to negligence, which is a waste. Therefore, you must be careful when using it to give full play to its value.

Post time: Oct-24-2022