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Blanket is a product that people choose more in the cold winter.

Blanket is a product that people choose more in the cold winter. It has good performance against cold and has a certain degree of air permeability. People will not feel uncomfortable when using it. Flannel blanket is a very good blanket. Choose, so how do you clean it when you use it? Let’s learn how to clean the flannel blanket and the difference between the flannel blanket and the Raschel blanket.

How to Clean Flannel Blankets


1. Because the flannel blanket has good water absorption performance, it takes a lot of effort to wash it by hand. For its cleaning, we usually soak it at normal temperature for 20-30 minutes to smooth the blanket Stack them into the tank, add general household detergent, squeeze gently with your hands or step on it after soaking, and then wash thoroughly with water.


2. If you choose a washing machine to clean: we first need to roll the blanket into a mesh bag and put it in the washing machine, and use general detergent for cleaning at room temperature.


3. Use neutral soap flakes or high-grade washing powder in the laundry tub to turn it into a light soap solution at about 20 degrees. After the blanket is soaked in clean water, gently lift it out and squeeze out the water, then put it into the soap solution and gently wash it with your hands. Knead and press, after washing, rinse with water several times repeatedly.


4. How to dry the flannel blanket? The best choice for drying the blanket is to use two bamboo poles to erect it in parallel, and then put the blanket on top of it and place it in a cool place to dry slowly. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to prevent Blankets faded and warped. After drying, the blanket should be brushed again with a brush as much as possible to restore the original soft feel and beautiful appearance of the blanket.


The Difference Between Flannel Blankets and Raschel Blankets


1. Flannel mainly refers to the woolen woolen fabric with a patterned style woven from mixed-color carded wool yarn. This fabric is covered with a layer of plump and fine fluff, without revealing texture, soft and smooth to the touch, and the body is more bone than wheat. Elden is slightly thinner, which is one of the biggest features of flannel blankets and Raschel blankets.


2. Flannel blankets and Raschel blankets are actually named after their raw materials. The two different materials and workmanship of flannel blankets and Raschel blankets make them have their own characteristics. We want to distinguish between them. Whether the flannel blanket is better or the raschel blanket is better, naturally, it depends on the different effects brought by the two different workmanship.

Post time: Dec-30-2022