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Advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabric

Advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabric

What kind of fabric is flannel?

The term flannel fabric is a foreign language, which is a soft and suede (cotton) wool fabric woven with carded (cotton) wool yarn.

Advantages of flannel fabric

1. The color of flannel is pure and generous, and it can be divided into light gray, medium gray, and dark gray. It is suitable for making men’s and women’s tops and trousers in spring and autumn. Flannel has a high weight, fine and dense plush, thick fabric, and high cost. Good warmth retention.

2. The flannel surface is covered with a layer of plump and fine fluff, without revealing texture, soft and flat to the touch, and slightly thinner than melton. After milling and fluffing, the hand feels full and the suede is fine.

Disadvantages of flannel fabric

1. Because flannel is mostly made of wool, its price is relatively expensive, but the difference will not be great.

2. There is also flannel fabric because of its particularly good water absorption, so it accounts for a very large proportion in washing, because the washing machine will have a clothing weight limit, if there are clothes made of flannel fabric, then it will be washed once A lot less laundry.

3. Another disadvantage of flannel is its air permeability. It guarantees the advantage of warmth retention. Is it really good in terms of air permeability? Therefore, flannel clothes are all jacket-type clothes. , very little undergarments made of flannel.

Common problems of flannel fabric:

Q: Is flannel fabric better or cotton?

A: The two are not of the same type and are not comparable. Flannel is the finished product, a terry fabric made of wool or a wool blend. Cotton is a raw material that can be woven into various fabrics. The relationship between the two is like one is zongzi and the other is flour, zongzi is the finished product, and flour is just the raw material for food

Q: Is flannel a knitted fabric?

Answer: It is not knitted, it is woven. It is the one with longer hairs on the surface. Generally, there are two types: one is cotton, which is fluffy shirts or pajamas and the like, and there are more yarn-dyed checks; the other is woolen flannel.

Q: The difference between flannel and coral fleece

Answer: The plush of flannel is more delicate and dense, and the plush of coral fleece is thicker and sparse; so coral fleece is easy to lose hair, while flannel is easy to not shed hair; the same pattern, coral fleece fabric will It looks blurry, while flannel fabrics will be clearer and brighter

Post time: Dec-09-2022